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At Creative Designs Guru, our goal is to make developers' life easier by providing starter code for web applications. Your fight with your linter, scripts, or dependencies ends now with us by saving you tedious development and configuration time to build high-quality projects. We believe you should focus on your business and shouldn't lose your precious time.

As developers ourselves, we've set up these boilerplate codes and thought it could be great to share our code with the world. Everybody can check out our code on GitHub, make suggestions, and even contribute to our project by creating pull requests to our repositories.

Premium templates and themes for developers

To go further, we notice we can use our starters to create themes and templates. You can use our large library of Next js themes to create beautiful and responsive landing pages, web applications, or blogs in seconds.

Our themes are easy to use and also easy to deploy in production. You can now launch your ideas and get feedback from users. As you know, feedbacks are extremely valuable for you to iterate quickly and improve your product.

Built in a modular way, you can customize our templates based on your needs. Highly flexible for advanced users, you can integrate your own components and code into the project.

Latest tech stack

Our templates use the latest stack like Next JS, one of the most famous React framework or React, a powerful libary to build user interfaces. For the styling part, we rely on Tailwind CSS, a utility-first CSS framework.

You can use modern hosting services like Netlify, Vercel, or any other to deploy your website or applications. They provide everything you need to run your sites by giving you access to their infrastructure.

You can use out of the box a custom domain with HTTPS, a CI / CD, a CDN, and the list go on. With their built-in CDN, your website can load faster and quicker. A faster loading time means for your users a better user experience.

React SaaS Boilerplate

We can also help you to make your SaaS product by providing authentication and integrate Stripe payment. Our React SaaS contains everything you need to build your SaaS in weeks instead of months. We provide you a list of built-in landing page and user dashboard components for your frontend. For the backend, it includes a Serverless REST API with an AWS database for CRUD operations.

High-quality themes

Our responsive React themes are compatible with all screen sizes and all major browsers. It'll work perfectly across all your user devices and platforms. We don't only build for real users, but we also make sure it also works for SEO.

Our templates leverage all JavaScript ecosystems to provide you the best starter. We've found and integrated the best tools and libraries for you to build an awesome product or service for your users. We try our best to follow best practices and make it easy for you to start your business.

Great support

All our themes include documentation to help you run and deploy your projects. We are also available by email if you need extra helps from us.