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Green Modern NextJS Theme with Tailwind CSS

NextJS landing page in Tailwind

Modern NextJS template

Indigo Modern NextJS Theme is a template for creating responsive theme in NextJS, React and Tailwind CSS. It helps you focus on things that matter to you instead losing time to build your own theme.

You get access to React components and UI blocks with everything you need to build awesome landing page templates.

Made for React developers by a React dev: the theme follows a consistent coding style and frontend architecture.

Build beautiful and professional landing pages easily with reusable React components:

  • 10+ Designs Blocks built with Tailwind and React
  • 17+ React Components using Tailwind

Indigo Modern React Theme comes up with all files that you might need. It includes the code source and documentation on how to get started. Implemented in a modular way, you can also customize the theme to meet your specific needs.

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Modern Nextjs theme

Next JS template


Green Modern NextJS Theme includes a full list of features:

  • Beautiful, minimal design
  • Responsive design
  • Easy to use
  • Great performance
  • Highly Customizable design
  • Full documentation
  • Compatible with major browsers

Developer experience first:

  • 🔥 Next.js in version 13
  • 🎨 Integrate with Tailwind CSS 3
  • 💅 PostCSS for processing Tailwind CSS
  • 🎉 Type checking TypeScript
  • ✏️ Linter with ESLint (Default NextJS, NextJS Core Web Vitals and Airbnb configuration)
  • 🛠 Code Formatter with Prettier
  • 🦊 Husky for Git Hooks
  • 🚫 Lint-staged for running linters on Git staged files
  • 🗂 VSCode configuration: Debug, Settings, Tasks and Extension
  • 🤖 SEO metadata, JSON-LD and Open Graph tags with Next SEO

Built-in feature from Next.js:

  • ☕ Minify HTML & CSS
  • 💨 Live reload
  • ✅ Cache busting


  • Minimal code
  • Clean code
  • High-quality code
  • SEO-friendly
  • 🚀 Production-ready

The theme was built on top of Nextjs framework and it uses our open source boilerplate code.

You can also use this theme with other React frameworks like Gastby.js, Remix or any other boilerplate generator like Create React App. It's is 100% compatible with any React-based project. But, you need to do some configuration yourself if you don't want to use our default boilerplate code.

Block components

The theme contains a set of modular UI blocks components:

  • Navbar
  • Hero
  • Customer logo
  • Features (2+ types)
  • Testimonial
  • Statistics
  • Pricing card
  • FAQ
  • Banner
  • Footer

You can easily get a new landing page by combining blocks. This allows creating uniques landing pages.


We provide 6 months support.

☛ Questions are answered within 24 hours.

☛ Up to date with fixes and new features.

Still have questions?

Send us an email at

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Green Modern NextJS Theme with Tailwind CSS
A responsive Next JS landing page built with Tailwind. React components for building flexible template for your product and service.
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