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15+ Best Tailwind CSS Templates & Themes in 2024

Premium Tailwind CSS Templates to start your project

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Tailwind CSS is a modern framework to create styles for your website including your landing pages. It could be a Bootstrap alternative for styling your website in 2024. Tailwind itself is open source and free. You can find Next js Tailwind Boilerplate on GitHub and you could also contribute to the project.

More and more developers are starting using Tailwind CSS for their projects. A lot of open source project uses Tailwind and you can find a lot of blog posts about this new framework that has totally changed the way frontend developers works.

A template defined what your website looks like. It is a pre-designed and pre-made layout that you can apply to your website. You can build a template yourself but you'll lose a lot of development and design time.

At Creative Designs Guru, we have built a list of website templates for your products, your services, or your blog. Our responsive Tailwind CSS Templates are compatible with all screen sizes. The templates are created by our developers and designers.

All our templates include everything you need to install on your website. After your purchases on our website, you'll get access to download the template package where you can find documentation and all code sources. You can easily configure the template and customize based on your requirement.

You can apply Tailwind CSS for a specific need like using Next JS Tailwind templates or using React Templates.