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11+ Best Nextjs Templates & Themes in 2024

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Nextjs is a React-based framework to build static and dynamic websites and web applications. On the official website, Nextjs is defined as a hybrid framework:

  • It can replace static site generator like Jekyll, Hugo or 11ty
  • Using server-side rendering to build dynamic pages

Because Nextjs is built on top of React, you can use any React libraries and React components. So, you can build rich and interactive applications.

Like React, Nextjs suffers a lack of template and themes to build landing pages. We can build yourself from scratch but, you'll lose a lot of time to design and implement a Nextjs template instead of growing your business.

At Creative Designs Guru, we solve this issue by providing a list of Nextjs templates. We are a team of designs and developers who have created React landing page templates and homepage.

Our Nextjs Templates include everything to build landing pages. We provide you a list of React components like the navigation bar, hero component, pricing card, testimonial component, etc.

You can use in different use cases and our Nextjs Themes can be easily customized to meet your needs. You can make your visitor signing up for your newsletter, buying your product or service, or signing up for a trial version of your product.

If you prefer to use other themes, SaaS Starter Kits are the perfect solution for full-stack templates. Or, if you are interested to build a Next.js SaaS, it helps to quick start your SaaS project with authentication and subscription payment.