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Blue Modern Nextjs Theme

Responsive, simple and modern Nextjs theme

Screenshot Blue Modern Nextjs Theme template

Blue Modern Nextjs Theme is modern and simple theme for blog or SaaS product blog. A beautiful two-column blog theme built on top of Nextjs. For reference, Nextjs itself uses React. Fully responsive, it works perfectly across all different screen sizes.

It'll help you to start your project and grow your business. Create you own blog quickly with this Next js theme.

Built on top of Tailwind CSS, you can easily customize the theme. Blue Modern Nextjs Theme comes up with all files that you might need inside a project and documentation on how to get started.


Blue Modern Nextjs Theme include a full list of features:

  • 🎈 Syntax Highlighting with Prism.js
  • 🤖 SEO metadata and Open Graph tags
  • ⚙️ JSON-LD for richer indexing
  • 📖 Pagination
  • ⬇️ Markdown
  • 💯 Maximize lighthouse score

Developer experience first:

  • 🔥 Next.js for Static Site Generator
  • 🎨 Integrate with Tailwind CSS
  • 💅 PostCSS for processing Tailwind CSS
  • 🎉 Type checking TypeScript
  • ✏️ Linter with ESLint
  • 🛠 Code Formatter with Prettier
  • 🦊 SEO metadata, JSON-LD and Open Graph tags with Next SEO

Built-in feature from Next.js:

  • ☕ Minify HTML & CSS with HTMLMinifier
  • 💨 Live reload
  • ✅ Cache busting


  • Minimal code
  • SEO-friendly
  • 🚀 Production-ready


Screenshot Blue Modern Nextjs template

Screenshot Post Blue Modern Nextjs template


For $49, you get a license to use the theme for one domain. If you intend to use in several domains, please select the right quantity before buying.


We provide 6 months support.

☛ Questions are answered within 72 hours.

☛ Up to date with fixes and new features.

Blue Modern Nextjs Theme
A simple and modern theme for Nextjs framework with some blue touch. Perfect for a personal blog or SaaS product blog.
We support all currencies with real-time exchange rate to dollar and with no additional fee for the conversion