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4+ Best Eleventy Templates & Themes in 2023

Premium Eleventy Templates to start your project

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11ty is a new static site generator implemented in JavaScript and Node.js. It's the perfect tool for JS developers and an extremely good alternative to Jekyll or Hugo. Both frameworks are respectively using Ruby and Python. So, as JS developers, you are not relying on the JavaScript ecosystem. For example, you aren't able to use the NPM package manager.

Not only 11ty integrates well in JS tools, Eleventy comes up with unseen features from other static site generators. 11ty supports several support templates languages like html, EJS, Nunjucks, Handlebars, etc. And of course, it supports Markdown.

Eleventy has great integration with data. Indeed, you can easily inject data from various sources like the classic front matter. But the good thing with 11ty, you can inject data from external sources like API or external files.

After choosing 11ty as your main generator, you'll face another major challenge, your website templates. You can implement yourself an 11ty template from scratch and lose several days of development and designs. The second choice you have is to buy a pre-made 11ty template. The perfect solution to save you time and focus on your project by using our 11ty starter and boilerplate code.

At Creative Designs Guru, we have built several templates dedicated to 11ty website. Extremely easy to install and painless to customize to meet your needs. You use our Eleventy template for multiple purposes:

  • Your personal blog
  • SaaS product blog
  • Mobile apps blog

Carefully crafted by our developers and designs for Eleventy generator with Tailwind CSS templates for the styling part. This is a list of premium 11ty themes where you can install your next project. 100% compatible with all modern browsers, mobile-friendly and 100% compatible with all different screen sizes, fully responsive.

You can also find other Nextjs landing page templates and also compatible with any other React-based framework like Gatsby.js or Create React App.